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Sunday School

Our Sunday School meets at the Oasis Coffee Shop between 10.20am and 11.30am every Sunday.

We have 3 groups ages 3-4, 5 - 8 and 9 plus.

Our aim is to encourage the children to learn about the Bible in a fun way but to instil in them the importance of God’s Word. We teach the children through a variety of different activities including reading stories, crafts, dramas and games.

Once a month we have a ‘guest visitor’, usually someone from the church who will come and lead the Sunday School bringing with them their talents and skills including crafts, singing, puppets, sign language.

At Abertridwr Community church, we respect and value children and believe that they play a vital part in church life. Where ever possible, we encourage the children to feel part in the worship by taking part in services through songs, bible verses and plays.

ACC Sunday School