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Music plays an important part in Abertridwr Community Church. We believe it gives us one route to express ourselves and develop the opportunity to make that one-to-one connection with God that enables us to build a lasting, personal, relationship with Him. Our whole purpose in life is to glorify The Creator.

Our goal is to bring a freshness in worship, through the avenues of: traditional, Celtic, rock, country, folk, sometimes reggae styles.

ACC Band

We, as musicians, endeavour to develop an awareness of contemporary worship ranging from the more modern to the classic styles.

We are convinced that it is important, for the church of today, to have the ability to change and develop that “new sound” that enables, both old and young to feel comfortable, to use music to express their intimate feelings to the God who created them.

We are also are committed to develop our skills, as musicians, as the Bible encourages, in Chronicles. We bring our best to God, because He deserves our best.

We are also determined to encourage the younger generation to develop their talents in leading worship. We are blessed, as a church, to have talented South American students, who have used their particular talents to tutor new musicians and singers. These are being integrated, both into their own group of musicians, and into the regular group of worship leaders.

ACC Band

Once again we, as a worship team, value the encouragement and support, afforded us by the leaders and members at Abertridwr Community Church.