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Friday Club

The Friday Club has been  held weekly at The Oasis Abertridwr between 5pm and 6.15 pm during term time. It is aimed at attracting children between the ages of 5 and 11. The club is run by volunteers from the church, but we are currently having a break.

We cover a variety of activities, games, crafts and story telling. We start each evening with a prayer, committing everything we do to God. We think it’s important to chat to the children finding out what they’ve done during the week.

Oasis Friday Club

The children then get involved with crafts and enjoy listening to stories. We also have a game time which allows the children to let off steam. We play in teams and encourage all the children to take part, even the adults get involved.

Learning about God and the Bible is a key part of the club and we teach the children in a way they can understand which includes sketches and encouraging them to ask questions.

At the end of the club we talk about what we’ve done and learned. We always end by thanking God for the evening and the children are encouraged to pray.

The children we work with are very precious and so we have a rigid safety policy in place.

  • Parents are expected to fill in a form with emergency contact, allergy, disability details etc before a child can join the club

  • Children are not allowed outside during the evening

  • Children do not leave until a nominated adult has picked them up

  • Helpers do not leave the premises until all children have been picked up

Friday Club