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Crafty ChristiansCrafty Christians

On Wednesday evenings at 7pm, a group of us women meet in the Oasis Coffee Shop and enjoy warm fellowship and sisterhood, while we learn to create some beautiful craft items.

Well, what really happens is :- a group of women from young and fit to old and crumbling meet together to chill out, have a laugh, share our joys, aches + pains and fears and tears. Surprisingly we do actually make some really good quality stuff as well.
The qualifications needed to join are: if you have a pulse, if you’re able to drink tea and eat cake, if you want to make things or just watch other people make things while you make the tea, have some working eyeballs and fingers and thumbs are a good accessory to have.

If you are gifted we can learn from you, if you’re eager to learn you can learn from us. Everyone is welcome.....